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Poetry Feature 21: Amidst These Ashes

Hello everyone. Queen of Spades. Today is the last feature poem from the poetry collection Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes. I present to everyone "Amidst These Ashes".

Amidst These Ashes

Numerous exoskeletons I’ve shed To make myself clean, And maybe I’ll never shine like new. Perhaps I’ll always have That little tinge of grime That will linger To remind me of where I’ve been. Numerous veins and arteries Have been cut from my heart To rid the waste from my spirit. And maybe I’ll always have dirt on my wings Embedded in their folds To remind me of my struggle. To be honest, I don’t want to go back To the beginning: Being naïve To the disappointment Associated with the world And the betrayals Related to the human body. Instead, I’d like to move forward, Keeping with me the lessons Stemming from my Private Pains. I’m hoping other people who read this Won’t make my same mistakes. But if they have, may they continue to travel On the never ending quest For Self-Love And Inner Peace.

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