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Poetry Feature 25: Extinct

Hello everyone! Queen of Spades here. It's Day 25 of National Poetry Month. For the next three days, the spotlight will be on the 2nd book of the Spaded Truths collection "Life-O-Suction".

In "Extinct", I explore that no matter how far we have come, we still have a long way to go in the scope of race relations and situations.


(I) Them

By the people

For the people

Was never meant to be Us

Yet They say We’ve no right to be angry.

We’ve no right to instinctively distrust.

All of the evidence

Puts a dent in common sense.

The only logic can be This logic:

When it comes to this race,

This Race always ends up in last place.

All men are created equal

Wasn’t meant for Our Men.

Those men haven’t paid for their sins.

Hunting season 24-7 on Black boys,

But We get shot down for asking questions.

The answers have been there all along!

The premise of This country

Has always been diffused with lies,

Further justified by His interpretation

Of what His God would do, citing Biblical lines.

No matter what type of speech

Is made on Equality,

It is apparently apparent

That Light is greater than Dark,

White is equal to Right:

Their short term plight trumps

Our long term devastation.

(II) Us

Unfortunately, it always will

Because we are too quickly diverted

By things which are cosmetic,

The right now and the ratchet.

We fail to study the history:

Follow the tumultuous trails;

See the repetition that led

To Our current condition.

We don’t know how to cultivate wealth:

Too focused on looking rich.

We don’t see how the outside affects Us:

Too tuned in to societal filth.

They watch Us decimate each other;

We’re caught up in that slave mentality

Of House vs. Field.

No one has the gumption to take a step back,

Recognize the trap and opt to yield.

No, We will end up like the dinosaurs

With archaeologists exploring barren sites,

Uncaring of how far they must roam

Just shaking their heads in fascination

While collecting Our scattered bones.

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