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Poetry Feature 26: Ominous

Hello to all of you. Welcome to Day 26 of National Poetry Month, which is also the 2nd day of feature pieces from "Life-O_Suction".

Today's feature piece is entitled "Ominous". The best way to describe it is a mix of knowledge and storytelling. Enjoy!


Chile, this I know for sure.

They were never mere nightmares.

They were not quite paranoia,

But more than warnings.

Although it still outrages me

That more bodies are littering the streets,

How many people are paying attention

That both victims and perpetrators

Are getting younger?

Brother, this I know for sure.

They were never mere propaganda.

They were not quite goals,

But more than dreams.

Although it still disturbs me:

The views of reckless aggression and emasculation,

How many people are actually aware

There are less brothers experiencing incarceration

Than getting a quality education?

Sister, this is know for sure.

They were never mere fantasies.

They were not quite apple pies,

But more than sweet cream.

Although it still saddens me

That women get labeled “materialistic”, “ratchet” and “bad bitches”,

How many people really know for sure

That there are goal oriented, self assured, beautiful souls

Who work together and are in complete harmony?

Yes, the ominous is always upon us,

But it’s up to each of you to determine

Whether these are mere happenstances

Or irrefutable absolutes.

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