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Poetry Feature 27: Yellow

Greetings to all. Queen of Spades here, to talk about the final piece being featured from the 2nd book of the Spaded Truths collection.

In "Yellow", the subject is addressed how the body can react to love that's lost.


Intuitively, before my name was spoken,

I knew that my body was broken.

A foreign mosquito shape shifted into a phenomenal man.

One night he landed on my skin, then bit me.

That was how it all began.

The first sign was chills but I concluded it as

Him taking me to apexes of pleasure with his tongue.

The next sign was the random aches all over,

But I chalked it up to Kama Sutra’s research and development

On which techniques rendered me the most sprung.

Soon to strike me was spikes in body temperature

So I kept soaking myself with icy liquid.

Almost overnight, some vital organs collapsed!

In panic, I sobbed while bellowing his name.

When I sighted him, he was feasting on someone new.

I’d been played: unceremoniously evicted!

I got impatient with the doctor so decided to leave;

There was simply too long of a delay.

In the midst of dealing with this strife and attempting to fight,

My heart stopped beating the very next day.

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