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Poetry Feature 28: Heat and Loneliness

Hello everyone! Queen of Spades. It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of April (also deemed National Poetry Month). I could not let this month pass without discussing Random Inspirations on Paper: Ev(e)-olution, better known by its acronym R.I.P.(E).

Before talking about the featured poem "Heat and Loneliness", a little background. At the time, I had not published any poetry since Life-O-Suction and I was highly focused on short stories. A series of personal events prompted poetry to rise once again as my catharsis.

R.I.P.(E). was composed in less than a month and was released on Halloween 2018.

Now, on to "Heat and Loneliness".

Heat and Loneliness

The unfortunate fall girl is my empath:

A growing collection of bags

Cyclical in its aftermath.

I’ve viewed the intersection of Glory and Gory.

It’s not Bollywood or Hollywood:

It’s my own primetime story.

I’ve seen the ruddy road of Happiness:

Tarred with nothing but Pretense,

Painted yellow with Circumstance.

I’ve tested the pond of numerous fishes,

Only to be caught and released

Or attacked by sharks and left bleeding.

Where can my brain feast on needed stimuli

Other than my best friend or the Internet?

Where can my body compose sweet melodies

Instead of fly beats and trap music,

Only hot for a couple of weeks?

Where can my heart find its steady cadence

As opposed to these walking train wrecks,

Sirens of wildly staccato?

Where can my spirit find some sort of kinship?

Did he get assassinated in some past life?

Will he find his way to my tomorrow?

Until I find the remedy for madness

Permeating with expansive sorrow,

All I can conclude was that

It’s a figment of my soul’s yearning.

Therefore, I burn … while alone.

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